Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big fan of movie's

I first saw Eat Pray Love last summer. A couple of month later I bought the book, by Elizabeth Gilbert, with the same title at Amazon. I'm always a big fan of movie's. If I had never seen the movie of Eat Pray Love, I probably would never pay attention to the book. I like different kinds of movies, excluding horror movies, science fictions, and some comedies. I love animated movies. It doesn't matter if it is Chinese, American, or Japanes. One of my favorite comedies is Meet the Fockers. I saw Midnight in Paris, directed and written by Woody Allen, last weekend. Anybody who loves movie and literature should go and see it.


  1. Right after I read this, I watched the trailer for it. I now plan on seeing this movie.

  2. you'll love it! you'll meet some great people through a "time machine". i should stop talking about it now. enjoy!


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