Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grapes of Wrath

So this movie was interesting to me, not only does it deal sociologically with the effect of displaced families during the depression, but the exploitation of those individuals. I'm not sure whether Steinbeck intended this, but the emotions evoked were enough for me to be shocked when i saw a policeman in the movie shoot an old woman. this is especially a shocking scene for me as the movie was censored a lot as it was yet the violence was still throughout. I liked Tom Joad, he's a man set on correcting his past wrongs but is always tempted toward evil. He never takes an inherently evil path. He even leaves his family so that they won't be pulled down with him is he does get dragged down. The kind of self sacrifice he shows is one that many probably had to show in the Great Depression.

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  1. Nicoli, I really liked the way you characterized Tom. He's a complex character, as he has killed two men in momentary loss of contol, yet he's the hero of the book. This brings up the issue of what readers/viewers expect from the hero, both past and present. Thanks for posting!



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