Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Big Blue Couch

The time has come to move into my own place. I loaded up the truck with everything frome clothes to bed, TVs to refrigerator. But most importantly my big blue couch, I love my big blue couch, it served many perposes. A place where all of my friends could sit, no matter how many there were. Or as simple as a bed for when I feel asleep watching TV on the weekends.
I had finally made it to my new home. I unloaded all of my belongings and it seemed as though everything was in place. Now I only had one more thing, my big blue couch. It was meant for a room upstairs and would make my house perfect. However, the darn thing wouldn't fit. So I had to come up with some way of getting it upstairs. I tried pushing and pulling, I even tried the window, but it just wouldn't fit. So I decided to unstaple the cloth, and take it a part. It finally made it upstairs. The only thing now was it wasn't as couch it was a pile of wood with a big blue piece of cloth.


  1. I recently just moved into an apartment as well! When my kitchen table didn't fit we had to take it apart and put it back together just to lay it down 10 ft inside the front door. A couch however seems much more complicated, especially when having to move it to the second floor!

  2. it must be painful when you saw your blue couch pass away in front of your eyes! i guess that's the so-called growing pain. everyone has to go through that in order to move on.


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