Friday, July 1, 2011

Casablanca Film Response

There are several reasons that attribute to why this film is such a classic, it has the perfect balance of romance, comedy, tragedy and even includes historically accurate information. Also, this film takes place during a war that was going on all around the world, so it was a very popular subject, even when it came to an end. The thing that immediately caught my attention once the movie was over was how many twists there were at the end, the least expected occurred and I had not seen it coming. Perhaps this is why this is such a great film, because it sends the message that there are bigger and more important things than our own self-interests and ourselves.

The character I was most interested in was Captain Louis Renault; he added comic relief to this tragic story. He also did not abuse his power as the others did in the film. He allows nature to take its course and places his chips with the highest bitter, when he finds himself in difficult situations. The way this character won me over for good was when he let Rick go, after shooting Strasser directly in front of him and holding him at gunpoint for the previous hour. This is a clear American classic, and once viewed it is easy to see why!


  1. I never thought of it like that but your right the movie does send a message that there are more important things then than what one person wants.

  2. I think anyone can relate to this movie because there is so much going at this time and in the movie its self. I am not used to the idea of having dramatic plot twists at the end of a movie, I am more used to knowing what is going to happen next or at least getting a small twist earlier in the movie that serves as more of a false climax at times, rather than an alternate outcome.


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