Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Study Guide: Good luck tomorrow!

Final Exam Study Guide, English 261

Terms to define and to recognize in the context of literature.

Dramatic irony
Colloquial or informal diction versus formal diction
Short-short story or flash fiction
Short story
Limited versus omniscient point-of-view
Figurative language (idioms and metaphors)
Hard-boiled crime fiction
Film noir

You will write an essay in response to one of the following three questions.  You may prepare by marking your text (you may bring and use the book) and/or making a notecard with key pages and passages marked.

1.      Do a character study of Lizbeth Salander.  Is she a hero?  Antihero?  What might explain the popularity of her character?
2.      Examine the role of personal relationships and romance/sex in Blomkvist’s character.  Why is his love life such an integral part of the novel and his character?
3.      Crime novels often have a special duo trying to solve crimes together.  What makes the relationship between Salander and Blomkvist unique or interesting?

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  1. good test, Mike! thanks for the class. this is actually the first english class i felt i really learned soemthing from it. enjoy your time with the chinese students. i'm a bit homesick now. :(
    it's ok. my parents r coming to see me soon!


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