Friday, July 8, 2011

Ramdom thoughts

I'm trying to make sense out of the old Vangers' unhuman behaviors, but it seems I failed miserably...My husband called them demon-posseessed. Maybe so. Nazis surrended at the end of WW2. Did Larson try to tell their influence still exists today? I guess I shouldn't spend too much time on that.

Then I moved my focus to the heroine Salander the girl with the dragon tatoo (Is she really the heroin?)and tried to figure out if there's any relationship between Salander and the Vangers. The only connection I found is the sadistic guardian really belongs to the old Vangers' camp! Right now it seems Harriet is more like the heroine. Should a woman who suvived all those tortures be more interesting to the audience? Comparing Harriet's suffering with the Salander's, maybe Harriet would gian more sympathy. However, I thought the novel was about the girl with a dragon tatoo...


  1. I don't think we can understand people who are so evil - your husband may be right about this family. There is still a group of people who believe in the Nazi doctrine, even in the U.S.: the skinheads. It seems unbelievable to rational, mentally-healthy people with a conscious that these evil beliefs still flourish but they do.

    Lisbeth is definately an anti-hero, isn't she? I think your idea about Bjorman being part of the Vanger clan is great! Maybe in book 2 or 3 we find out he's the illegitimate brother of Harriet - lol I think Harriet was able to heal from the early abuse because she got away so young. Lisbeth is still in it - she hasn't had a chance to heal and get distance. I hope she does someday. I admire a woman with the strength to be different, to buck society's expectations.

  2. "the illegitimate brother of Harriet "!!! you're so funny Kathy. i really think it's a mystery that Harriet was still able to fall in love and creat a family after those chronical sexual abuses. it's inspiring that she was able to get out of that island, but still the memories of her sufferings would stay with her forever. Lisbeth did do a good job of tatooing Bjorman although she paid a high price for that. i really don't know what Larson is trying to tell the reader.

  3. In a way, this novel plays on our expectations of serial killers and sadistic people, and almost dares us not to believe in these characters. The story and movie The Silence of the Lambs changed everything. Somehow Hannibel Lector turned out to be the most far-reaching character in that story. Something about his evil and the power and cunning of it was/is attractive to people.

    I have strong opinions about this trend to write about the most sodden parts of human nature. I find the novel to be a huge page turner but I don't see it serving much of a greater purpose unless we talk about what our tastes have become and start to question the stories we tell and accept. In my view, the novel itself is a fetishization, and a mystifying one.

  4. i got you, Mike. i have never had a desire to see The Silence of the Lambs, because i know what i should expect from it just by the title. i did want to see the movie of the girl with the dragon tatoo, because i thought the movie should be about a girl with a DRAGON tatoo. right now at least from the book, it seems Lisbeth only plays the role of the assistant of Blomkvist. maybe the novel should really keep its original title.

    i do have questions about the plot structure of the novel, and i do think some events and characters were not fully developed. the book is controvercial. is that the only good thing about it? :(

  5. You're right Mike - our taste in literature (and movies) has become disturbing to say the least. We are excited and titillated by evil, and not in a "what makes them tick" kind of way (which I do enjoy those kind of books - more psychological profile, less gore). Is this a reflection of our dwindling morals, or have our morals dwindled because of our exposure to this kind of sadistic immoral "entertainment"? That's the question I am intersted in discussing - what makes us tick?

  6. oh kathy...i was thinking about that last night also: people just enjoy wathing others suffering.if there's normal person beside another "person" without any bones and skins, which one will attract more attentions? the answer is so apparent. i don't know how this book became popular, but i'm going to tell people: do not even open it!


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