Thursday, July 7, 2011


Shiloh is about a guy named Leroy who is a walking workers comp lawsuit and his self educated wife. Leroy messed up his leg in a truck driving accident and his wife has been taking care of him by working the jobs she can. She suggests some jobs for him but he seems to be interested in other things, mainly building a log cabin for some dumb reason. His wife has been taking night classes and has become a well read person while Leroy was driving trucks across the country so she was learning how to cook exotic food and find some fun hobby's. Leroy doesn't seem to like this and he misses how she used to cook. We find out that in the past they had a baby. but while they were out on a date the baby had died of SIDS and this loss seems to come up every so often. The mother-in-law seems to hate Leroy and resents him getting Norma Jean pregnant and doesn't seem very sympathetic to their loss of the child. She suggests that they go to Shiloh national park for a picnic. again, Leroy seems to be preoccupied with his log cabin idea. He seems to have really bad ADD, because after Norma Jean up and leaves him. he goes on an internal thought of battlefield and soldier's who died just sitting in the middle of his picnic in Shiloh.

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